Wallet Fortune; New, Active and Reliable!


Have you heard about Wallet Fortune?

It’s new, active and currently paying. On a research trying to carry out findings on how reliable it is, one of the participants that has been a victim in collapsed schemes remarked, “I find Wallet Fortune most reliable…”

The good thing about WaFo as it’s been called for short is that, they employed a sustainable approach of recommitting 20% of the money received to keep you operating in the scheme and thereby keep the system running.

You want to know how WaFo operates?

After registration, you go ahead to Sow a Fortune(SF) either with cash or bitcoin not PH this time, minimum 10k.

The system gives its participants 100% growth of their investment after 14days (for local currency) and 120% growth after 14days (for bitcoin) with a recommitment fee of 20% from the total amount to be received (RF) and it is compulsory for all users.

The act of donating and receiving donations is termed Sow a Fortune (SF) and Reap a Fortune (RF).

After Sowing a Fortune, you can be matched at any time as it is an automated system and you will only be given 24 hours to fulfil your pledge so all participants are advised to monitor their accounts daily though you can seek for extension of time by 12 hours from the receiver of the fortune.

Simple and different approach, right? You can go ahead and participate if you so wish BUT remember to invest WISELY!

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