Twinkas: on a downward slope


Twinkas is one of the most popular ponzi scheme we have in Nigeria presently as the need to get rich quickly is the current waves of situation in the country right now. The surge in the rise of ponzi scheme is a major concern for Nigeria as a country. What attracts most people to Twinkas is the promise of 200% return on investment.

If you go on the twinka website you will find out that the contact details is listed as UAE. A few number of Nigerians in UAE has shown concern especially since the address belongs to the embassy of vietnam. There is high speculation the site is being operated from Nigeria.

How does Twinka work?
There are different packages of donation i.e., N20000, N35000, N50000, N75000, N100000, N200000 or N350000. You will register on their website after which you can donate to somebody assigned to you or to a link that referred you directly.After confirmation of your payment you will be matched with two other people who wants to donate the same amount, hence your 200% return. This would only mean that 20,000 Naira will yield 40,000 Naira and 350,000Naira will yield #700, 000. Every registered member has a referral link to invite people to get additional money. You are guaranteed returns on your money in 15 working days.

Recently they came up with the units system, and this is how it works, you have units on your E-wallet by referring or opening different accounts under you, when you have up to 100 and above units, you then qualify to provide help of 100, 000 Naira and you would be paid 200, 000 Naira in 24hr. It is only people that have up to that units that are eligible to getting paid instantly.

The challenge with the strategy of twinka is that 2 people are matched to 1 person, which means you need 2 matches before you can receive your money. We cannot ignore the too many red flags of this 200% investment. Any company with the promise of 200% must be generating its income through other sources especially with the 2 to 1 strategy. One of the major flaws in twinka is that once people stop providing help, existing customers lose their money. Many Nigria s who have invested are still waiting on their returns or waiting to be matched even after several months of providing help.

Even though the owners of Twinkas which are unknown claim it is the success story of investing your money, the 200% ponzi schemes is designed to crash in a given period and is already collapsing as many people are oting out.
Don’t put your money in any scheme just because they paid someone, always do your research to make sure they can stand the test of time.

Don’t say we didn’t warn u.