The Royal Wedding took about $42.8m & 94% of it went for security


The Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took place in Windsor, England on last Saturday. The wedding took a whooping amount of about $42.8 million!

As the popular saying goes, ‘Safety First’, the majority of that money wasn’t spent paying for ornate flowers, refreshments or entertainment; It went towards keeping the couple, their family relations, guests and the hundred thousands of onlookers safe.

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According to UK wedding site Bridebook, the cost of security, including snipers, undercover police and a counter-UAV system, was about $40.1 million; that is a mouth opening 94 percent of the total wedding budget.

However, three separate entities were responsible for covering the bill:

1. The Government

The largest expense at the royal wedding was the security. The government took care of the security and policing with tax money.

the wedding security outline; source: daily express

Based on a YouGov survey, 57% of British adults think that the royal family should pay for policing and security for the big day in addition to the wedding. Just 1% of respondents think the government should pay for the entire event.

2. The Royal Family

Much of the wedding — including the music, food, flowers, and invitations — was taken care of by the royal family.

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3. The Markles Family

When Kate Middleton had her royal wedding in 2011, her family reportedly paid for the bride’s $434,000 wedding dress; it was same for the Markles for the $550,000 wedding dress. The actress has an estimated net worth of $5 million from her roles on TV and endorsement deals.

While the royal wedding certainly cost a lot for the government, the royal family, and Markle, the event as predicted by Brand Finance was to bring in about $1.43 billion into the UK economy through tourism, PR value, retail, fashion, and merchandise.

Congratulations to Meghan&Harry!


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