Swissgolden Refunds Tactics are just marketing gimmicks To Defraud People


Swissgolden is an online shop that buys as well as sells investment gold bars with 999.99 purity or so they claim. The company also has an Affiliate marketing program that gets people compensated when they market those investments bars to other investors and they called it bonus program. I am not far from the truth to call Swissgolden a scam, it  is of those numerous highbrid Ponzi  Schemes with a complicated marketing plan. Unfortunately, the scheme is gaining grounds in some countries now  with many terming it the next big thing to come out of the Financial world. In Nigeria, Thousands of  people are already neckdeep in this scheme with many investing with their retirement benefits and borrowed fund.

Here is what someone who invested in swissgolden in Nigeria has to say ‘’I invested 140k in swissgolden with a promise of making 1.1 million. You invest and bring 2 people to invest under you, the 2 people bring two people each to invest, making 6 people under you. Here’s what they don’t tell you. Each of the 6 people have to have 6 people under them also before YOU can earn. That makes a total of 36 people investing 140k( now 170k) for one person to earn. Your direct 2 under you might be lucky to earn as well but the rest just gets stuck in the structure.  They told me my money was refundable if I decided to leave the business, story, now nothing is refundable.  Please, don’t fall victim like me. Only register if you’re sure of having 36 people who are ready to pay the huge amount to register under you. Be warned. Even their so-called office address in London is non-existent. If you’re in London, go there and check. It’s an empty office that they rented for 3 months about 5 years ago and they still continued to use it as their correspondent address. So their so-called office does not even exist. Be warned people!

There is no chance I will recommend this scheme as people will lose out sooner or later. All the talks about refunds are just marketing gimmicks as there is no record of any one ever been refunded.


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