Scam Alert! Double Pay Platform? Run! Run! Run!


Double pay is a recent 2:1 matrix system ponzi scheme. According to them, you provide help of N2000 and you get N4000 in return.

In their words, “we are Connecting People, enriching lives. Get up to x2 Of your Investments minimum of 5 mins and maximum of 5 days.

This system claims to be currently matching and paying but we are yet to see a beneficiary.

In review of their system, we found out their site is neither well developed nor organized! Participants of this scheme are all over the social media chanting Double Pay. Obviously, those participants have their monies trapped in the system and only looking out for unsuspecting investors who will register under them so they can recover their money!

Also, the administrators of this scheme are hard to trace, unlike in Liberty Aid Global  and this is obviously a threat to your cash!

This is likely to be the type of system where you invest your cash and it happens to be at the end, you were only matched to pay to the admins and no participant(s) to donate/pay to you back in return.

When you hear Double Pay, run! run! run!

Be smart! This is a SCAM ALERT!!!