Scam Alert! Dangote Dissociate From HWMG


Just like earlier brought to you, The Happy World Meal Gate was/is active and participants are getting their rewards/helps. But being on the lookout for you as an Investment Watch, it’s pertinent we bring to your notice latest ponzi news so you will be at alert, tread carefully and don’t fall a victim.

The Dangote Group in a release said: “Contrary to the publication widely circulated on social media and mobile instant messaging application, the Dangote brand is neither the initiator nor a partner to the “Happy World Meal Gate” Ponzi scheme and strongly warns the public against participating in such malicious schemes aimed at defrauding un-suspecting participants of their hard earned money.”

The Chief Corporate Communications Officer at Dangote Group, Mr Anthony Chiejina said: “The faceless entities behind the scheme have sought to achieve cheap legitimacy by associating themselves with the Dangote brand and other reputable multinationals and efforts are on-going to track and prosecute these for unlawful use of our brand name.”

“As it is with other Ponzi schemes, any pyramid recruitment scheme with all mathematical permutations always leads to a dire end for participants who end up losing money. He therefore advised the public to verify any information about the brand on its official website.

In an interrogation with a HWMG participant, she remarked “there’s no fear as yet as I’m expecting my arrivals this coming week, for the past weeks people have been getting theirs”

Our Take On This;

The statement by the Dangote Group indicates that there’s no formal agreement between HWMG and The acclaimed partners. Probably they only take the funds from incoming participants and get the foodstuffs and all that at a discounted rate from the company sales outlets which as in the case of other similar ponzi places the scheme’s survival on the entrance of new participants.

Be Cautious!

News Source: Daily Trust Newspaper.