RETIRED Not Tired: The Need To Start Early In Planning Your Future


Have you ever pause the moment and think about the journey ahead? I mean the near future.

Many often neglect the future for the now with the anticipation that the future will take care of itself. If you fall among this particular set of people, the truth you need to understand is that, it is only the planned future that takes care of itself.

Take for example, you made your way through school, received your degree and are happy enough to have secured your first full-time job out of school. Probably, you are earning a substantial salary higher than you have ever earned before and with that comes a rise in disposable income-a lot of TO DOs!

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It is so natural that you put your money into several present needs like fancy apartment, family needs, bills, cars etc that will (if not properly handled) put your near future at stake. “All those aforementioned and more of such likes are important” you probably want to say. Ofcos it is; the target of this publication is not to downgrade your present needs but to point you towards your near future while you enjoy your now.

You can actually ‘Live Well’ and ‘Retire Well’ at the same time.

You know, when we talk about retirement to the 20-something millenials and even to some older people, they feel like you’re trying to hasten up their old age. But that’s not the truth, the truth is that whether you dread old age or the future, it must surely come (atleast if death did not overtake). The question now arises, “what plans are you making towards that?”

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Many people do not think towards the direction of their eventual departure from their various works of life, instead when such thought creeps in, they cast it out as a negative thought. Yes, retirement may be decades away and to you, your salary is not even enough, let alone the one to set aside for the future you are yet to see. If only you can take a step towards your near future, no matter how little it seems, you can make a big difference that will guarantee you in eating your cake today and still have lots to eat when the baker is gone.

The most important thing to do now is just to renew your mind towards retirement and then anticipate my follow up publications on how to save your way to a fulfilling life after work and many more.


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