Participants of BBN Raise A Scam Alert!


Earlier on, we brought to your notice that BoonBuy Network is one of the paying schemes in Nigeria and that was the truth based on our research (read our earlier post on BBN here).


Being your Watch Dog, bringing you unsided news, happenings and threats/red flags in the ponzi world, it is pertinent to let you know the current state of BBN.

Participants of the scheme have raised an alarm over several excuses by the BBN administrators for a delayed and unreceived turnover as anticipated to be spread out within 90days.

According to the participants, excuses ranges from several system updates/upgrades, ID verification to Routine Server Maintenance all in the effort to continue to delay payment commencement to their Funders!

We are tired of all these lies from BBN, It is better to let us know that boonbuy is halfway crashed, they told us that they’ll revert back to daily withdrawal and I place withdrawal since on Thursday nothing show”A BBN Participant.

Another participant lamented, “Any Alert yet? NO!!! Now is clearer to people!!! Just tell us straight that BBN has failed let’s all go and rest!”

We can deduce that BBN is shaky, downward sloping, in ponzi term crashed or in a lighter note, crashing…

We hereby advice intending participants to hold their monies to their heart especially if they DO NOT want to lose IT!