New Ponzi: UK Protea set to Launch in Nigeria


Guess the ponzi scheme launching on the 20th of July 2017, Uk Protea. It is said to be the first 150% paying platform ever launched. With just one ROI package kit.

Features include
• 150% ROI in 48 hours
• One package kit of ₦10,000/£24, return of ₦25,000/ £60
• Secured by COMODO
• Nigerian based extension
• Instant purge button
• Destroy button for Cyber Beggars

As enticing as this scheme may look, we warn investors to be wary of this new Ponzi scheme that promises returns of 150% ROI. We have done our research and have not been able to trace the admins to any telegram or whatsapp group. Uk Protea is set to launch with updates on how to register revealed however it is frequently promoted by some Facebook users who claim this scheme will offer individual investors a way into a potentially huge financial freedom. The scheme has already attracted hundreds and more than 50 people were recently “talking about” it on Facebook alone.

Uk Protea is said to become a home of mutual and serious-minded citizens who are willing to change their financial lives by giving and receiving help from one another. The set of people advertising UK Protea claim that it is imperative to note that this scheme will reduce the over dependent on the government of every nation and world at large by providing financial aid to her citizens and bridge the financial gap caused by the high and mighty in the society. It is set to provide an avenue in which young entrepreneurs who do not have the financial wheel to achieve their dreams, get themselves empowered through peer to peer donations.

We at Ponzi Watch dog say that it is better to stay away from investments that you do not understand, or for which you cannot get complete information, it is a good rule of thumb. If you decide to invest in this scheme. Beware!