Mutual Xchange, Still Functional & Paying


Mutual Xchange is a recent and functional scheme which was launched on the 15th of June 2017 is a month plus and still operational. According to them, it is a mutual financial community where participants donate and receive funds from one another and they have been keeping to promise.

Mutual Xchange offers you a 50% Returns On your bitcoin Investment in 15 days and a 40% Returns on your cash investment in 15 days too. In an effort to find out the present state of the scheme, participants of this scheme affirm that it is operational and currently matching to Provide and to receive Help.

If you want to hear our take on this scheme, you can go ahead and participate with them while we remain on the lookout for you.

To participate in Mutual Xchange, you can join one of their chat groups to interact more with them or you complete their registration form, then go ahead to Provide Help. You are to pay a 20% out of your PH as an insurance fee within 24hours, you will be matched to pay the remaining 80% within a 14days lock in period, after which you can get your 40% or 50% Returns On Investment accordingly.

The latest update in the system is that, you can now confirm payments without POP upload. That is, once you are sure a participant has paid you, you can now confirm the payment without the participant having to upload POP. They went ahead to say that any mistake made by you is irreversible. So be sure to have received payments before you confirm.

So, would you want to participate in Mutual Xchange?