Thinking of Investing in Matrix Naija? Stay Off!


Matrix Naija, a scheme we earlier brought to you which was operational and paying as at the time of the post is no longer operational.

Presently, Matrix Naija is jampacked with so many matured GH with little or no people to provide to those that already provided and needs help. And we, The WatchDog knows what that means; it means the Matrix scheme in ponzi terms have categorically crashed, crumbled, downslopped or wind up!

The system at this point cannot be said to be slow as some claims being that for the past weeks, the system have not matched anyone to be paid being that there’s none to match to.

In an effort to make sure we report the right news to you, our team asked a number of their participants who undoubtedly related to us the state of the scheme. One of the participants has this to say, “Matrix Naija is not functioning any more, the support is not responding any more too“.

It is pathetic that Matrix Naija have joined the statistics of schemes that wind up prematurely in Nigeria.

Are you an intending participant who is been convinced to join the train? Our sincere advice is, Back Off! They simply want to use you to get their cash while you get stucked trying to cash out.