Joyful Donor isn’t so Joyful



Joyful donor is said to be one of the very hot new ponzi schemes platform that sprung up in Nigeria recently, they claim to be on top of their game by matching  members  within 30 minutes of registering on the site and paying into the account linked to them.  This means that people who register can earn earn 20,000 naira in 30 minutes if they register with N10,000. Tempting right? It doesn’t even need any referral for you to be paid. However a recent complain by one of their members called yomenson indicates that it isn’t as true as they portray. He said a friend told him about the ponzi scheme and he invested N20,000 for over 3 weeks with no return. Contrary to their 24 hour promise , he was unable to get his money . Another member claim to lose N10,000 after waiting several weeks without been merged.

How they work

No referral, they claim it is a program where members donate to one another like a Mutual Aid Programmed.

Registration is free, it is a onetime donation. Once you complete your donation, you will be matched with two other new members to donate same amount you donated to you and you will get returns on your money in 24 hours after providing help.

Members are expected to introduce a new members to the opportunities provided and what  they stand to benefit from the plans.


Are considering investing your money to get a joyful return, you may want to hold on before investing with joyful donor. Reviews online have not shown us that they have been paying and we are not certain if they will keep paying even if they eventually come up with a great strategy since they do not have one that works.