To Invest More On Crypto (Bitcoin) OR To Play It Safe?


If there’s something investors always try to avoid in investing, it is investing in an unstable venture that poses threats to returns. The major aim for investing is the returns and therefore investors look out for safe investment, an investment with little or no threat of loss.

According to Beth Martin of Quora, There’s honestly no such a thing as a “safe investment”. Any time you’re putting your money into anything, you’re risking losing it, not getting back an amount you hoped for.

Narrowing this to the cryptocurrency investment which overtime have witnessed and continues to witness a high volatility rate, which several authorities have cautioned investors of the risks involved, one can say that risk is a veritable part of every profitable venture.

Crypto, truly is tricky, and this is because crypto and its operations is digital in nature.

2017 Was Crypto R’Evolution, 2018 Holds More

There have been a lot of analysis’ released as well as Bitcoin predictions, one of them is pointing at Bitcoin reaching $1M by 2020. Quite a lot of analysts are pointing out numbers such as $100K. The most recent ones are claiming that 2018 is going to be a good year for Bitcoin:

All the predictions should atleast  mean that Bitcoin is going to become stronger as more and more companies and countries are adapting it. On the other hand, the table can unexpectedly be turned against bitcoins and by extension cryptocurrency operations in the near future. It is therefore expedient that (intending) crypto investors should have both thoughts at heart as it will greatly guide them against unnecessary risks in their venture.

However, if you want to start investing, you better do this now, since it’s price can go up a lot more in the following years. If you’ve done enough of research and you’re sure that this kind of “unstable” investment is for you, then just go for it. You’re fine when you’re doing it safely and smart. PLAY IT SAFE!

The Risks in Cryptocurrencies

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