Haven Investments: Newly Launched Ponzi Scheme


Haven Investments  is a peer to peer donation scheme with the aim of restructuring and also a community of helpers, it was launched on the 12th of July with its first cross merging done a day after that. People who participate in this scheme give help in order to receive help, thereby bridging the gap created by the unfair financial system of the world. The owners of these ponzi scheme claim that their weapon in sustaining Haven is the re-commitment plan!

You have to register, verify your phone number, complete your profile updates by adding your country, bitcoin address or account details. Provide help according to your financial capacity, within the said time, once you indicate interest to provide help, you will be merged to payout 30% part payment of your PH within 12hours, failure to do so within 12hrs will cause your account to be blocked and all previous interest in the account will be lost. Your remaining 70% will be paid in 1-14days.
To Get Help, you will recommit another 30%, this 30% starts up another cycle, after a successful GH has been completed you will be merged to pay the remaining 70% in 1-14days. For example you pledged 20k, the system pairs you to pay 30% which is 6,000 naira to activate your account with a time frame of 12hrs. On confirmation of this Payment, the system matches you in 1 to 14 days to complete your PH balance. example, you make payment of N14,000 which is 70% of N20,000. After Confirmation of full Payment, your GH is ready to be matched but you have to make another pledge and pay 30% as a recommitment fee in other to get help successfully. Upon confirmation, you get help of your investment capital plus your 50% profit within 48hrs to 72hrs. The remaining 70% PH balance will be paired in another 1 to 14days. The Cycle keeps going like that, this is to curb the habit of hit and run

Is Haven really a safe haven for your money? Too soon to tell, let’s wait and see the out come just after 14 days when Roi are due to be paid.