Global Help Aid, Newly Launched & Operational


Global Help Aid (GHA), a community of people that gives financial support to each other is a new scheme in the ponzi world.

GHA was launched on the 28th of June and commenced registration and Providing help alongside. GHA came into the ponzi world with a 40% Returns On Investment which you get after 30 days. The admin described this as an approach to ensure the sustainability of the scheme.

Although GHA is launched and operational at the moment, you can only register and Provide Help, matching have not commenced. Meaning you can make a pledge in the system of how much help you want to provide while your money remain in your pocket till matching commence. That sounds good, right?

Apart from the 40%, GHA gives a 10% referral bonus to encourage you to invite people, they go further to give you 3% referral bonus on your referral’s second level. They wouldn’t stop there, they took double steps forward to also give you 5% bonus when you write a Letter of Happiness to tell of the goodness of the scheme and also a 2% bonus when you confirm payment to you within 2hours! You can see this is a bonus personified scheme.

If you want to be part of GHA, fill in their registration form, after the email clarifications, log on to your Personal Office (PO) with your email details and provide help, wait 10 to 18 days to be matched, pay your matched peer, wait to the 30th day to get help, within 24 hours you will be matched to receive payment and 10% of the money you are meant to receive will be recommitted into the system and you can get it on your next Get Help.

If you want to be part of GHA, GO AHEAD.