Global Help Aid is Here: 3 Weeks Old And Growing


Many say Global Help Aid is the real deal, this ponzi scheme launched just about 3 weeks ago and it isn’t news that it is growing fast. It is a ponzi scheme that gives you the opportunity to earn 40% plus bonuses on your investment monthly. Global Help Aid (GHA) Launched on the 29th of June 2017.

Features of Global Help Aid (GHA)

40% ROI in 30days
Referral bonus of 10% from your direct upline,it’s optional,you don’t need to get someone before you get paid.
Registration Bonus
#20,000 and above=$30 bonus
#150,000 and above=$50 bonus
#1,000,000=$100 bonus
Min. Of #5,000
Max.of 1,000,000
Each participant is to register with two different phone numbers
When one is matched to pay/receive donation,one can see the other person’s two contacts and also the upline details which the upline phone contacts too.
Recommitment plan-Participants to PH a compulsory minimum of 20% of GH before processing of GH request.Cancellation of recommitted PH request will automatically cancel GH request.GH request to be matched after payment of 10% of new recommitted plan
Matching-10% of PH will be matched within 24-48hours of PH request,the remaining 90% will be matched from 10days upwards of PH request.

The owners and members of Global Help Aid had a general meeting on the 12/07/17 with the following resolutions:

‘’It was made known that some participants will be paid before the 30th according the calculations in the system, so as from the 20th day of the launching of this scheme. Because it’s a new platform, members have not been merged to pay out since days because we need to make at least two GH available before people who pays the two will be paid and vice versa as it goes. The first set who PHed will be GHing simultaneously and it’s not a must that it will be up to 30 days before they are paid. 
The essence of down payment is to get rid of unfaithful people from the system and pls let’s understand that after this first month, the 90% will be coming in two weeks for turn over. ‘’

Bitcoin Implementation:The BTC files have been successfully uploaded. But work is in progress for the integration of auto confirmation API by blockchain. It’s no news that blockchain is currently experiencing some verification setbacks, like 2FA code delay. Once integrated, the auto confirmation will be done by simply attaching your transaction/hash id. 
And also, all BTC PH transactions will be done in BTC value. Your PH will be made in the exact BTC value on your dashboard, Not in USD value. The minimum PH limit on BTC is 0.005btc, while the maximum is 0.5btc. Once everything is streamlined, it will be officially announced. 
Take Note, this is subject to adjustment.  BTC donations comes 50% in 30 days.”

“Fake POP Management:The issue of fake POP is tackled within 24 hours by an assigned guider. Once a defaulter uploads a fake POP to you, kindly use the *Report Button*. Once you hit on Report Button, a guider will receive a notification to address the case. He can block the defaulter if confirmed guilty of the offence, and you will be rematches under 24 hours. “

We are eagerly waiting for the first payout to be sure they are here to stay. We are on the watch for you.