GladiaCoin MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Investment 


Gladia Coin is pretending to be a Bitcoin investment MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company, but in reality it is a combination of both Pyramid scheme and Ponzi scheme No one knows who runs and operates the GladiaCoin because the owner details and the address of the company is completely hidden  as well as there is not any information regarding that within their website as well.

GladiaCoin offers the referral commission on the sell of their ROI products which are not real products, but instead are the Ponzi scheme which offers members 200% ROI within 90 days which is completely unsustainable rate. So, offering commission to their members without selling any real products or services, just for selling their different plans of ROI, makes them Pyramid scheme and offering 200% ROI without any verifiable source of income makes them Ponzi scheme. Even if they can show the verifiable source of income, then also that doesn’t count at all because if any legal business can make enough profit to pay back their members up to 200% ROI within 90 days, then those kinds of companies never need to collect the investments from several people because any legal business which can generate that much profit can easily get loan from any local bank in much more lower rate than that.

Bitcoin is the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency in the world. However, as bitcoin adoption is on the rise so is the number of bitcoin scams. Unfortunately, many of these scams have infiltrated Africa in the past few years and are preying on unknowing users who want to make money online using bitcoin. While there are many ways to earn bitcoin online, high yield investment plans and MLM schemes are not part of them and need to be avoided at all cost. If you invest in any of these schemes, you will very likely lose money sooner or later when their operators collapse the scheme and make an exit.

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Adekemi is a Pastor by calling and Dentist by profession. She is the Co-founder of ‘Komplete Woman’ an organization whose aim is to inspire and mentor young women to discover their purpose early. She is an associate fellow of the Royal commonwealth society. She is passionate about God, writing, poetry and influencing the younger generation to fan the flame of their potential.