Community Mutual Aid(CMA) Becoming A Nightmare


Perhaps you have come across this online ponzi scheme called CMA or Community Mutual Aid or you were approached by a friend about the possibility of joining this well paying scheme and you will like to know if it is legit or if you can actually make some money from it, well, you are in the right place and at the right time. These days it is easy to find so many ponzi schemes claiming to have the key to the financial freedom of Nigerians and if you do not carry out a proper research you can easily be misled and lose your hard earned money.

Now, what is Community Mutual Aid all about? This scheme was launched in March 2017 in Nigeria even though it has been in South Africa and Lesotho some months before that. The founders of this ponzi scheme claim it is not a bank, investment company or a get rich quick scheme in their own words rather ‘’it is a community of people that work together to beat the ‘unfair financial order’ we live in today in this world, where only a few of the people enjoy and control the world’s riches and wealth, where the rich keep on getting richer and the poor keep on getting poorer’’. They also claim it is the fastest growing peer-to-peer donation exchange in Africa with more than 28,000 participants.

Features of Community Mutual Aid
Absolutely free to register.
40% return on investment of local currency without having to refer people within 30 days.
50% return on investment if you are using bitcoin within 30 days
5% Bonus for sharing video testimonial
30% automatic re-commitment plan; for instance if you are withdrawing N60,000, if you do not have a PH order, the system will automatically create a PH order of 30% of N60,000 for you which is N18,000.
10% Referral bonus
Guiders Bonus

Here is the real deal, community mutual aid seem to be going down as members have taken to their facebook page to lament about the recent happenings. One of their members named Sylvester said this on 10th of June 2017about the ponzi scheme ‘Thieves and scammers.. They are just another set of dubious persons that can never pay people. I requested a withdrawal since March 2017 and nothing has been done, instead they keep on telling foolish stories. Guys, never try this useless CMA criminals, THERE ARE ANOTHER SET OF FRAUDSTERS’.

If you have already invested in Cma40 – Community Mutual Aid, well, we can only wish you well but if you are just contemplating whether or not to invest in it, our candid advice is to stay clear or hold on and watch. Mathematically, when you keep borrowing from one person to pay the other person sooner or later you would run out of who to borrow from and by then the whole structure will come crumbling down. Perhaps they are not that different from Get help Worldwide after all.