Common Mistakes to Avoid When Picking A Career



Choosing a career is not a one-time decision. You would have considered so many things before finally resolving to choosing a particular career. When choosing a career there are some mistakes people make thereby making them choose the wrong career and it goes a long way in their lives years to come. You also need to think carefully and thoroughly when you intend to make a career change, however you don’t need to do this too often as it requires lots of efforts.

To avoid switching careers from time to time you should pick something that is not only suitable for you, but also can support you financially far into the future. You need to increase your chances of making success in you career choice by avoiding the following mistakes:

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Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Career:

1. Listening to People Often On What To Do And not To Do

When you tend to listen to what virtually everyone have to say about your career, especially your family members, friends e.t.c. you are making a big mistake. Many people think they should have a say in what career you choose. The truth is; they don’t have a say in whatever it is you do. You need to be the architect of your fortune or misfortune

2. Living Your Life According To Someone’s

Many people love to follow other peoples footsteps. You can never fit into anyone’s shoes, that is why you need to stop trying to. Some will be disturbed by their parents to go into same thing they are into so as to inherit their establishment. If you do not find pleasure or satisfaction in that thing your parent is doing, instead of forcing yourself into it in order to please your parent make another career choice and make them see reasons why you cant take up the family business.

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3. Not Making A Thorough Research

You need to do your homework before diving into a career. don’t make the mistake of choosing a career without making out time to learn more about it.

4. Not Talking to Experts on The Field

There is no how you would not have people around who are into that particular career you are going in to. You need to ask them questions about the job and other necessary things you need to know about it.

5. Making Money The Priority

It is important to bring home a pay check, especially a fat pay check. However the size of the paycheck should not be the basic determinant for choosing a particular career. Its possible to make six figures and still hate what you are doing. You need to look for a balance between making enough money to support yourself and work that fulfills you.

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6. Not Paying Attention To Who You Are

We all differ in personality, type, interest, values and aptitudes. You need to pay cognisance to your kind of person. They make you better suited for a particular occupation than others. That is why you need to take note of your personality when making a career choice.

7. Not Paying Attention To The Future

There’s need to see beyond now. Do not make the mistake of dwelling on your today, you need to think outside the box. Let the future always be on your mind in whatever you do. The things you do today likewise the choices you make today will go a long way in your tomorrow. That is why you shouldn’t make the wrong career choice. You should consider whether a career has a promising future before you begin to prepare for it.

These mistakes are commonly made by people when they are planning or picking a career that is why you seriously need to avoid them if you want to have a good career that will go a long way in benefitting your today and tomorrow.