Cash-Generating Ideas for Mompreneurs

How Women Can Prepare Financially for Divorce
How Women Can Prepare Financially for Divorce


I know when you see the word “Mompreneurs” you will be wondering what it means. They are moms who take care of the demands of their kids and at the same time get involved in business. Trust me that is not an easy task especially if the mother is working for someone.

Nothing makes one happy than having a work of your own, being your own boss without having to answer to any emergency calls at work, keeping late nights and at the end of the day not spending time with your kids. That is why you need to be a Mompreneur.

You need to apply your creativity into making money from home while at the same time bringing up your babies. I will explain five cash generating business ideas you can juggle into from your home while taking care of your kids.

1. Blogging

You can become a mumblogger. Lots of mums are already into this and trust me they are making waves. You can write articles on healthy lifestyle, eating, good parenting, how to care for newly born, crafting e.t.c.

You will discover that these are very easy topics you can write something on because they are things you do on daily basis. You can even use your personal experience as an example.

2. Call Center

You can do a call center job from home. If you can provide customer service for nagging customers then it is a job you should lay your hands on.

3. Multi-Level Marketing

Also known as affiliate marketing are sometimes touted as “get rich quick schemes” by shady sites offering pyramid schemes that promise quick cash for little effort. Make no mistake to be successful in this kind of job you need to put in a lot of effort toward building an audience and quality content that will bring in sustainable passive income.

4. Freelance Writing

You can be a freelance writer for companies. If you are a wordsmith you can think of your subject matter expertise and search online for companies who need your area of expertise.

5. Babysitting/Day Care

You can also start your own babysitting or day care service. You can have your working neighbours bring their kids over to your house so you can baby sit them. This does not only add extra cash to your bank account, it gives you the chance to take care of your kids as well while taking care of the other kids.