Cash Earners Launching on the 19TH of June, 2017



Perhaps you are wondering what cash earners is about or why ponzi schemes are launching every day? Well, we cannot deny that ponzi scheme is the hottest thing in Nigeria today today. In the last one year Nigeria has become a hideout for Ponzi schemes. While many have attributed it to the harsh economic conditions in the country, some think it is due to  the nuances of everything Nigeria. In the long run, many people still need another means of getting income especially for government workers. So is cash earner the safe haven?

Cash earners is a ponzi scheme with a fully automated donation system in which you can invest and get 40% return on investment. They claim it is a promising site with honest, transparent and hardworking admins. From their site, cash earners state that their vision is to create a platform where humanitarian missions can get aid benefits and their motto says determination.

Here are the features they offer

The first 20 people to provide help after launching will get help in 24hrs

Minimum amount  to invest is 10,000 while  maximum amount is 200,000

40% return on investment

5% Referral Bonus when your downline provides help

Provide help in 24hrs or Less

Get help between 72hrs to 7 days after Confirmation

24hours Payment Window

100% active member support

Unlimited Bandwidth

Access to whatapp group

Access to telegram group


Cash earner is launching tomorrow, you may want to ask how long cash earner will be in the game especially since they are using similar tactics to Claritta, MMM and some other ponzi schemes out there. In less than a month after they started Claritta folded up and scammed many people of their hard earned money. We hope cash earners will be different however you have to be careful because a lot of people have lost money, some are still losing and some are definitely going to lose a lot of money. Have some gained? Absolutely! Some have made fortunes from ponzi schemes. It’s an investment where you either win or lose. Our advice? If you must participate, be wise, watch well before you leap, examine some features of the website before you join. If there’s no support system, it’s a NO from us.