Buying  and Owning Shares In Dangote  Company


Dangote Cement shares have been listed and traded on the Nigerian Stock Exchange under the symbol DANGCEM since 2010.

In order to buy shares in Dangote Cement, you need the assistance of a stockbroker who is licensed by the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) to purchase securities on your behalf. You may access a list of licensed and active stockbrokers on the web site of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Here’s what you must do:

Step 1: Complete the Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) account opening form

Step 2: Complete the stockbrokers account opening form

Step 3: Submit required documents (2 passport photos, identification and utility bill) to your stockbroker

Step 4: Fund your brokerage account

Step 5: Submit your trade order

Some people want to invest in shares for a very long time. You can decide to save and invest periodically, quarterly or every six months. It could be for retirement or for a major project like children’s university education or to build your own house. This means a period of more than ten years. Always buy the shares of conglomerates producing and selling essentials. A conglomerate is a company that has many subsidiaries or produces so many things. Most of the
time, they produce essential goods that people will always need and consume. Think of Dangote cement, dangote sugar and many more.

Why should you focus on such companies? The possibility that such a company as Dangote  will collapse or fold up is very slim. The rate of failure of such company is very low. Yes, like other businesses and the economy in general, they do have their good and bad times when they would barely make profit either due to decline in sales or rising costs. But fold up, liquidated
is not likely at all.

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