Business Communication Skills to Help Build Your Career



Business communication is information sharing between people within and outside an organization that is performed for the commercial benefit of the organization. It can also be defined as relaying of information within a business by its people.


Wikipedia explained that Business communication (or simply “communication,” in a business context) encompasses topics such as marketing, brand management, customer relations, consumer behavior, advertising, public relations, corporate communication, community engagement, reputation management, interpersonal communication, employee engagement, and event management. It is closely related to the fields of professional communication and technical communication.

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Media channels for business communication include the Internet, print media, radio, television, ambient media, and word of mouth.

It is also said to be the way employees, management and administration communicate in order to reach their organizational goals.

Business communication skill on the other hand is the ability to communicate efficiently and effectively in an organisation, in order to achieve your goals.

You need to maintain good communication with your employees and every other person involved in your establishment. The following step will guide you on how to be a good business communicator.

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Many people think communication is all about talking. One thing they don’t know is that the most effective communication begins with listening. You need to learn how to listen more, talk less. Even if it seems what the Person is saying does not make so much sense to you, you still need to listen because out of every nonsense, there’s always a sense. It is always said that a good listener is a good speaker.



The audience play a prominent role in effective communication. It is the audience that determines the effectiveness of the speaker. The audience can make or mar the presentation you are giving, that is why you need to be familiar with them.

When preparing your presentation, you need to have studied the audience, know the level of those that would be invited, make a research on the topic and make sure you prepare exactly what they want to hear.


The speaker is a major factor in effective public speaking. The type of speaker determines the effectiveness of the speech to be delivered. His personality certainly will reflect in such speech delivered. Even good public speakers always rehearse well before they make their presentation. It does not matter the years you have been into speaking or addressing audiences, you need to always rehearse well.


You need to meet people more often. Networking is very essential. You need to relate with people fast, it does not have to be always formal or booking appointments. You can make it casual and natural.

You can decide to stop by at a colleague’s office, make dinner reservations, invite them over to your house or talk to them before and after meetings. It is good to build good rapport with people.

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For your business or establishment to thrive, you need to have good communication skills as this will not only make you to build good relationship with people, it will also make your business grow.