BTD Multiglobal Investment Loses, Liquidates and Leaves Many In Tears As Christmas draws near


BTD Multiglobal, the self-acclaimed investment company that promised returns of 30% monthly (well over 360% annually) has finally come out to say that it is experiencing massive losses in its investments.

Thousands of investors have lost their money to BTD Multiglobal with no option of getting their starting amount. Majority have been asked to liquidate which is a great loss especially at this time of the year.

BTD Multiglobal sent the following email to their subscribers and will be shutting their office down temporarily for “security reasons.”

See the email:


[b]We are sorry to inform you that all efforts to resuscitate the investment fund from further collapse at the initiation of the recovery period has failed. At present, the Futures and Options traded funds of BTD IFS is not economically and financially sustainable, this is so because it is neither economically viable nor profitable, in spite of the implementation of new strategies and optimization of all our financial models, we continually experienced a plunge in the market and some of this was largely due to the following:
Deteriorating capital funds and tight liquidity in capital injection system.
Lower returns from markets and downturn in the market trades.
Volatile Foreign Exchange rates influencing the NCF (Net Cash Flow) inward and outbound for all investors.
Excessive financial leverage in terms of returns delivery to investors.
Serious liquidity issues resulting from a significant fall in profit and a substantial rise in risk that threaten the company’s capacity to meet it’s financial commitment in the short term.[/b]


Here are the financial statistics of the funds under management within November 30th, 2016 to November

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