Btd Investment Remote Centres Burnt By Angry Investors


On Tuesday, 28th of November 2017, Btd Investment remote operational offices was attacked by angry investors with the aim to burn alive employees who were attending to clients request. Some staffs were severely injured and are currently receiving medical treatment, All phone lines for communications were destroyed alongside with all the company’s operational gadgets. Due to this, Btd investment offices have been closed until further notice for the safety of their employees, and the only active communication channels are through emails.


In the email forwarded to all investors on 27-11-2017 clearly stating out the recommendations for resolving the present situation of the company’s financial crisis, the former recommendation was:

This is no news as many have been left disappointed after waiting for 6 months expecting to get their money back. Earlier before the centre was sent on fire Btd Investment sent an updated information to investors which favours absolutely none of the investors, below is the email sent to investors:

  1. First time Investors: First time investors which means any investor who has never withdrawn from his investments with us. We prioritize these category of investors has they have never been beneficiaries of our promise of a better future, we understand that as the duration of recovery for the funds is beyond the control of any parties.

We are permitting investors who desire to terminate their investment with us to get a refund of 100% of their deposited capital. The funds which will be paid in 25% tranches within a period of 4 months, this is because with the financial state of the company we cannot guarantee the payment of 100% at a single goal. Starting from the time when they have have indicated their decision for account termination, the option for termination would be on the portal within the first week in December for all investors to make their choices.


Please Note:

  1. No action can be considered without indicating your decision on the protal.
  2. Only Investors who have NEVER received any withdrawals from BTD are considered as first time investors.
  3. The option for termination would be on the investment portal within the first week in December for all investors to make their choices.


  1. Existing Investors: This include any investors who have made a deposit and had at least one withdrawal from their account with us. We are guaranteeing only your deposited capital with B.T.D Minus any amount withdrawn as a repayment after choosing to terminate all investment activities.

You may terminate your account under the following terms;

  1. All you deposited capital MINUS all completed withdrawals will be taken into account, the outstanding balance is considered the ONLY valid payment. 2. If your completed withdrawals exceeds your deposited capital, this simply means you have withdrawn your capital inclusive and have made some returns from the capital. No funds will be paid to you.
  2. The funds to be payed to investors with outstanding balances will also be completed within the same period and in tranches depending on the varying amount.


Please Note: As market realities change, returns promised can only be delivered on the basis of returns made from investments in the financial market, it has been proven that over time stability is possible and imminent, if we contiue to put in effort as a company, in the short term we expect to sort out all issues with investors terminating their account while continuously working to ensure a better future for the investors who have chosen to endure this trying time of instability.


(B.) Re-Financing and Restructuring: This option is for investors who choose to remain with the company amidst the turmoil in the hope of future stability. In the quest to cut losses and compounding liabilities on the fund, the funds will be capped at the current value, We plan is to release a quarterly report of investment activities to all investors in this category as a show of accountability for their patience and trust in our services.

We shall also proceed to pay earnings which will be deducted from their capped balance after the first release of the report and subsequently until the company is stable to allow re-investments from this class of investors.


As we understand that business expectations may fail amidst startegies and logic, we always try to look for resolutions to the current crisis regardless, we urge our dear investors who might have contrary opinions to follow due procedures in dispute resolution and avoid committing offense against the state or taking laws into their hands.

For law suit and litigation, related documents can be sent to understand it is a tough time for each and everyone of us, we shall continue to try our best as a company to satisfy the investors.


The BTD Team.

Investors want their money at all cost with some ready to sue Btd investment