AtlasFunds, How Reliable?


Atlas fund is a recent ponzi scheme which operates with the ideology that money does not come without care.

To participate in AtlasFunds, as usual, you have to complete their online registration form with full details, then you continue to login and complete your profile including your fund processing options this includes local Bank transfer, or any other fund processor accepted in the system. After then, Create your league, either N5000 or N10000 and earn 100% incentive between 48 hours and maximum of 5 day.

Looking at this scheme, you will observe it operates on the popular 2:1 matrix system. We also observed that their operations are not very clear and could not find a handful of people who have benefited from AtlasFunds.

Remember the TO DOs before investing in a ponzi schemes and take a closer look at AtlasFunds before venturing into participation with them.

This is Investment Watch saying, STAY SAFE!