7 Tips On How To Celebrate A Frugal Birthday


You and I know you have a lot of planning to do when your birthday is around the corner. You’re probably checking out your budget and wondering how many months it’s going to cost to save for a birthday celebration especially when you love big events. Rather than spending all you have saved or even borrow funds for your birthday, you could consider creating an exciting and interesting fun time on your budget irrespective of whose birthday you’re celebrating (Your partner, your kids or wards, a friend or parent’s birthday). Under listed are tips to help you save money.

1. Control the invite list.
If you’re going to have cake for your party, it is cheaper to plan for 10 than 20. For a kid, invite guests according to age: 4 guests for a 4 year old, etc.

2. Avoid parties at mealtime.
This is my favorite tip that will save you a bundle! If you’re feeding guests lunch or dinner, your bill will add up. Schedule parties between meals so that they will be after lunch and wrapping up before dinner.

How To Set Up Your Budget

3. For kids parties, skip the favor bags.
While it is cute to send guests home with a thank you, you don’t have to. If you simply must do favors, consider inexpensive crafts the kids can do during playtime.

4. Keep it simple.
You do not have to plan a “schedule” for your party. Whether adult or kid, you only need 3 divisions. Have fun. Eat cake/open presents. Have fun. That’s it. Have games handy to keep older kids or adults busy. Otherwise, let the kids entertain themselves. Birthday parties are playdates with cake.

5. Set a realistic birthday budget.
Include presents, theme decorations, everything for the birthday. Decide what you can spend for everything, and plan according to your budget. If you have extra money left over, you can save it for next year or do something a little extra for your loved one.

6. Shop sales and thrift stores ahead of time.
A few months ahead of the birthday, do an interest check-in and decide on a few themes to choose from. Shop around sales for items that will fit into your planned themes, and pick based on what you can get cheaply.

Valuable Things You Should Know About Money

7. Do Not Spend Money On A Cake
Ready-made cakes are expensive. Yes, your child will love the cake, but you will not like how it chips out of your budget. Instead, bake it yourself. And one of the best ways to do birthdays is with cupcakes. You can bake 1 box or several if you have a lot of people to bake for. Plan 2 cupcakes per person (1 – 2 per child depending on age).

Tip: To spend less on cakes, you could contact a friend or relative who bakes cake if you can’t do it all by yourself, this will cost less.