10 Side Hustles You Can Start Today


Do you need an extra job/side hustle to get more funds in your account?

Here we have creative ideas that would bring in extra cash if you see this as an opportunity.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers are in high demand, both in brick and mortar companies and in online companies. If you’ve got a gift for graphic design, look for online jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home computer.

Web Design

With new websites and blogs popping up every day, there is a serious amount of business available for those who are skilled in web design. If you’ve got the creative talent and the technical skills to build a great website, consider offering your services to online clients.

Create Drawing Based Videos

Have you seen those videos that look hand-drawn explaining something? Well, did you know that there is software that you can learn in order to make these videos yourself?

You will have to invest in the software and spend time learning the program but once you have it down, this could be a very lucrative side business.

A good way to get your first few jobs is on a website like Fiverr. Services on the site start at just $5, but you can list your services for more than $5 too.


People of all ages, from young children to high school students, to college students and even older utilize tutoring services for a variety of different subjects. Students often need tutors in specific subjects such as math, science or English, and adults of all ages will often seek out tutors for things like learning English or learning how to operate technical devices. Offer your services at local schools, coffee shops and foster homes.

This can be a great way to make cash as a college/university student as the hours are flexible and you can work around your school schedule.

You can also tutor overseas kids online via a site like VIP Kid.


If you’ve got an eye for detail, an online proofreading job might be the perfect side hustle for you. Many companies are looking for people who will proofread their content before it’s published, and this is a job you can do from the comfort of your home office.

Believe it or not, proofreading is a very valuable skill set because quality content is what sets people and businesses apart from the rest of the crummy content that is out there.

Repair Computers

The technically savvy are in high demand in local homes and businesses. Even high school students who are great at computer knowledge can make money by offering computer set-up and repair services to those in their neighborhood. Advertise on social media platform or by distributing flyers to local homes and businesses.

You can start by telling your friends and family about the services that you offer. You can also consider advertising your services on the social media platform or distribute flyers to local homes and businesses.

Do SEO for Businesses

If you’ve got knowledge in the area of search engine optimization, there are jobs waiting for you. Businesses want to be able to focus on delivering their products or services and often don’t have the time or knowledge to input search engine techniques that will help them maximize their reach. If this is a skill you have, consider reaching out to local and online businesses about helping them maximize their Internet reach.

If this is a skill you have, consider reaching out to local and online businesses about helping them maximize their Internet

Edit Videos

Video editing for businesses or individuals can be a lucrative business. If you’ve got creativity and technical skills, consider using them to make people’s videos and/or pictures into a cherished keepsake or a powerful marketing tool.

While there is paid software to edit videos, there are also free ones that you can use to get started like Lightworks.

Earn Money as a Copywriter

Advertisers and businesses are often looking for copywriters to help them advertise their clients’ or their own products are services. In today’s virtual world, many companies are happy to hire virtual copywriters to help market their businesses.

Become a Voiceover Artist

A voiceover artist is the person who’s voice you hear over the TV commercials even though you never see them on camera. Put in for a job like that and with a little training, you ll be good.