Writing a Business Proposal That Gets Attention


You may wonder why you’d need a proposal when getting a potential client. Isn’t  a quick email with just the pricing included enough? Sometimes your sales proposal is the only thing that differentiates you from the competition, so it’s important to create a professional proposal. You want to show that you’ve done your research on your potential client and that you have solutions that will benefit him or her. Let’s get you started!

When you set out create a business proposal, certainly the first thing you need to think about is what the client wants. (We know what you want — you want to win the contract and get their business, but focusing on that in your proposal isn’t going get you anywhere near their coveted yes.) Following the old adage, the customer is always right, really nothing is more important than focusing on your client’s needs.

To write a simple business plan,you need the following details:

An Introduction: State your company name, address and the services you are qualified to render.
Statement of the Problem: state the problem/whatever you are proposing to do.
Solution: state the solution you intend to offer and the benefits the client stands to gain from this.
Pricing/Budget: give details of the bugdet required and whatever can be stated in monetary terms.
Conclude by reasserting your claims and benefits of your product/service.

Keep your business proposal flexible, but adhere to the tender timelines. Make sure you know the answers to these questions:

  • Will we need the required expertise later?
  • Will doing this project influence our existing customers?
  • Is there a realistic probability that we will gain more projects with this client?
  • Are we making money or working to build our portfolio?
  • What are the long term benefits or potential negative impacts on our business?

Writing a great business proposal takes time and preparation. If your core skills do not meet the requirements, the time spent analyzing the market and learning new project requirements will be wasted. That time is better spent on other activities that bring results.

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Adekemi is a Pastor by calling and Dentist by profession. She is the Co-founder of ‘Komplete Woman’ an organization whose aim is to inspire and mentor young women to discover their purpose early. She is an associate fellow of the Royal commonwealth society. She is passionate about God, writing, poetry and influencing the younger generation to fan the flame of their potential.