Will Money Pulley Pull in Some Cool Cash?


Are you tempted to pump more money into the next money doubling scheme out there? Have you been promised cool cash in 24 to 48 hours? Perhaps a friend of yours invested N7,500 yesterday and  got 15,000 today? The question of if to go all out with your money begins to plague you. How then can you prevent the impending danger of losing your money if the small company folds up? Knowing the schemes that are reliable would help you keep your money where it matters. Don’t be deceived by the enticing returns of the Ponzi schemes out there because at the end of the day, it is your money!

Let’s take a look at one of the recent schemes in town called Money pulley. You may want to consider if this will really pull in some money for you or will drain you of your resources.  Although with the website listed as based in Canada, we cannot be sure of its exact origin. Money pulley is one of the ponzi schemes that promises 100% returns within 2 days. It works by matching you to someone who requires the same amount you pledge. The system matches you immediately so you don’t have to be on the queue.

Their packages include;

Starter Pulley, you invest N10,000 and  receive N20,000 in 48 hours

Basic Pulley, you invest N20,000 and receive N40,000 in 48 hours

Standard Pulley, you invest N50,000 and receive N100,000 in 48 hours

Advanced Pulley, you invest N100,000 and receive N200,000 in 48 hours

Professional Pulley, you invest N200,000 and receive N400,000 in 48 hours

Ultimate Pulley, you invest N500,000 and receive N1, 000,000 in 72 hours


Money Pulley website says they don’t just match you to get paid by 2 people but to several people so you can get returns on your investment instantly.  You are given six hours to make payment or they block you out of the system. The people that will pay you back will only be assigned when your pledge has been confirmed by the person you sent money to, all this within 48 hours.

We are of the opinion that been matched to too many people can make things unnecessarily complicated.  For instance  if you pledge N50,000 you get matched with two persons who pay you N50,000 twice, so you get N100,000 or you can get matched with four persons who pay you N50,000, N20,000, N20,000 and another N10,000, so you get a total of N100,000. This will feel can make your money difficult to get.  If you are considering investing in money pulley, weigh your options and don’t go in to large. Always test the waters of any Ponzi scheme before you jump in.