Why you should get involved in Agribusiness



Do you know you can become a millionaire by getting involved in Agribusiness?

When people hear the word Agriculture they believe it is for the poor or overworked farmers, especially the youths and the elites they think Agribusiness is a poor man’s occupation.

How to Manage your Employees

No one wants to he seen, holding farm tools, instead they want a white collar job, where they get to wear well fitted suit, with a tie to match and a glittering shoes to complement it. Well I am glad to tell you that Agribusiness, is not a job for the poor, you can become a millionaire by getting yourself involved in it.

Do you know that the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote does more of Agribusiness? Dangote groups has dominance in the sugar market, the company exports cotton, cashew nuts, cocoa, sesame seed and ginger to several countries.

In 2010, Foreign Direct Investment in Africa business was $10 billion and is projected to reach $45 billion dollars in 2020. Agriculture is taking a huge leap in Africa and investors wants a piece of the action. While the wealthy and the rich are busy purchasing our lands and investing in Agriculture thereby making millions, Africans are still ignorant about the potentials of Agriculture on the continent.

Businesses you can start with low capital

Who can indulge in Agribusiness?
There’s no special person or targeted individual that can get involved in Agribusiness. We all cannot survive without food, in light of this, Agriculture is a job for the literate, illiterate, the poor, the wealthy among others.

Even as a student, you can involve in Agriculture by cultivating little plant and animal that require little capital and small implements such as Okro, maize, pepper, tomatoes e.t.c. You can start small today and make it big tomorrow, When it comes to fighting poverty, Agriculture is more effective than other sectors.

Businesses you can start with low capital


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