Things To Consider Before Having Kids

Things to Consider Before Having Kids
Things to Consider Before Having Kids

Things To Consider Before Having Kids

You will see quite a lot of people in their single status have enough money to make ends meet. However, when they get married things will no longer fall in place.

As Africans, we so much believe in people bringing bad luck to us when we meet them or when they come into our lives. This belief is most common in marriages when the man experience a turnaround in his financial life after getting married, the family would say it’s the wife that brought misfortune upon their son.

One thing that we fail to acknowledge is the fact that before this man got married and have kids, he had only one mouth to feed. The rate at which he spends then cannot be compared to how he’ll spend now because the family is larger, so there are many mouths to feed.

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There are ways you can be financially prepared before you start having kids. To achieve success in everything you do in life you need to plan, not just an ordinary plan but you need to plan well and execute the plan. Here’s how to be financially prepared before bringing those innocent souls to the world:

1. Don’t Have Too Many of Them.

It is only in Africa that you would see an employer having two to three kids, while the employee will have nothing less than five kids. There’s nothing wrong in giving birth to children, they are bundles of joy, however you have to size your pocket.

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2. Give Birth Early.

There’s nothing bad in pursuing your career or getting degrees upon degrees. One common mistake I see people make is not giving birth early, you’ll see a retiree who still have kids in secondary schools. How will such a person cater for them? Retirement is meant to be enjoyed at your old age not for you to hustle in order to get school fees and your other needs.

3. Double Your Hustle.

Before marriage or having kids, if you discover that feeding yourself alone with your salary is difficult, please do not go ahead to get married or start having children without either getting another job or having a side hustle(s).

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4. Open Accounts For Them.

Probably after marriage you had a child or two and they are still in primary schools, their school fees is still small and you are getting a fat income, why not open accounts for the kids and try to save for their future. Things happen, the rate at which you earn money while they were young might not be the same way you’ll earn when they are old and require to spend more than before.

You need to save for rainy days, even before you give birth to them you can open savings accounts and put a particular amount in it every month. This way situations will not catch you unaware as you have already prepared for it.

5. Let Your Wife Work.

This is so common, you’ll see men saying they want their wife to be a full house wife. Their job is to take care of the kids, the house, the husband and cook meals. This is a big mistake, there’s absolutely nothing stopping your wife from working. Fine if she’s working she might not help you with the kids needs but she’ll be able to cater for her own needs to some extent thereby relieving you.

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Your wife is supposed to be your help mate and I don’t see how she’s helping you by taking care of the house. Let your wife get a job, quit the mentality of “my wife belong to the kitchen, the living room and the other room”.