Things You Can Rent To Save Money



we’ve all heard about renting homes, caskets among others. Do you know there are some other things you can rent and save more money? A lot of people rent cars, tuxedos, movies e.t.c. but these days there are so many things you can rent out.

Instead of spending huge money on items, why not rent them. There are so many things you can rent, especially if they are needed for a short while or for a purpose. I know this might sound odd to some people but its a way to save a lot of money and spend less.

Here are things you can rent out that will help you fetch quite a lot of money;

1. Dresses

Let’s face it—most of us don’t have the cash to splurge on designer dresses, let alone shoes and accessories to go with them. That’s why we love the new trend of renting dresses. You can rent out dresses for occasions or even weddings.

2. Power Tools

Whether cleaning the carpet, fixing up the garden, or just taking on a day of home improvement, power tools can often come in handy. You can rent generators, grinders or other hardwares you might need for a short while.

3. Video Games

There are times you might be feeling bored or want to have fun with friends or families. You can rent video games instead of buying them, especially if you can not afford it at the moment.

4. Textbooks

There’s no denying it: College is becoming increasingly more expensive . That’s why we love the idea of renting textbooks—it’s an easy way to save each semester. There are a tons of book rental sites, with over 5 million books (plus free shipping!), which puts a priority on low prices. In some cases, you may even be allowed to highlight or take notes in book margins.

5. Camera Lenses

Ever wanted to capture a wedding or a graduation with a professional-grade camera, but didn’t want to shell out thousands of dollars? Some online sites now allow users to rent lenses or camera bodies for much cheaper than the cost of the normal hardware. With added bonuses like overnight shipping and quality customer service, budding photographers will love these options.

6. Parking Space

If you regularly commute to a crowded city, finding parking can be a huge hassle—and parking garages are notoriously expensive. For an easier alternative, consider renting a parking space.