The Best Way To Retire

You know, when we talk about retirement, many hastily summarize it as that moment to pack one’s bags, heave a sigh of relief from the works of life, and sit on an armchair; rocking back and forth till death comes. One reason many get scared at the hearing of retirement; they’re like, ‘excuse me, are you kinda trying to hasten my journey to the grave?’
Let me quickly add, that’s not what retirement is all about; or at least, that’s not the right way to retire well.
The idea is not to retire and get get tired with life, you are to keep adding value to yourself and to life. Even after you are officially retired, you need to keep adding value and being productive.
Research shows that many retirees, died a few years after retiring because they became redundant and lost their life’s vigor. Another mistake many retirees often make is that they start out late, almost when they’re due for retirement in planning and saving for it; many also do not even ‘waste’ their time in saving and planning for retirement, instead they await and solely bank their interest on their last paycheck, gifts from fellow workers and their employers; to them, ‘ I don’t need to worry myself about the future, the future will take care of itself. But like I said in one of my previous publications, it is only the planned future that takes care of itself.

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I’ve seen families thrown into a total financial turmoil as a result of not planning and saving for retirement early enough. DO NOT wait till you finally sign out of active service in the workforce before you launch into your dreams and aspirations that’ll keep you afloat in life; no matter your busy schedules, it’s better you start out not matter how little in your spare time. Waiting till that retired moment when you have all the time is often tiring in starting out; it’s best for building on what you’ve already started.
Invest in businesses that you can do from your home like small scale catfish farming, raising broilers, rabbits and other not too physically stressful but commercially viable and financially rewarding businesses and investment options. If you love trading, you can distribute fast moving consumer goods like beverages or you can distribute cement etc. You can also act as a consultant to your former employer and their competitors. The options are as vast as your mind can conceive and you’re willing to do.
If you have saved up a substantial amount of money by the time you retire, these options become easily realizable.
It seems like my writing is solely referring to employees/workers; as if they are the only set of people that retire. Not at all, there is a need for everyone, both the sole proprietor business owners, self employed, CEOs and entrepreneurs to plan, save and invest for their future life; when they’ll not be as active as they are presently in carrying out their duties. If you fail to plan, you’ve already plan to fail. 
There are three stages in life: The learning stage, the earning stage and the yearning stage. Most of the readers of this article belong to the earning stage of their lives. As you earn the monthly salary and earn proceeds from your business venture, do not get overly excited and blow it all up in present needs calling for your attention all round. Budget and stick to it consistently.
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