Swiss Golden is not so Golden


There has been great rise in Ponzi scheme in Nigeria there is a new one rising up is the Swiss Golden is fast gaining popularity among Nigerians on social media we discovered that gold is a new cover for pyramid/Ponzi scheme in Europe and United States with their marketing strategy, only a small amount of gold is actually sold by Swiss golden, the vast majority of the money is made by people investing in the scheme.


You will select a contract table and place your order by making payment that is when you become a partner/customer of Swiss golden your order will be placed on a 7 cel table of orders the table of orders contain 3 levels every new registration is placed on level 1 you move through level 1-3 is where you get to level 3 before introducing new clients/customers.

Any client who fails to introduce new clients before the table fills up will be pushed out of the table and fills up will be pushed out of the table and will have to start over from level 1 in other to qualify and get bonus reward on any table, you must introduce two clients for any contract you invest, some people have this notion that Swiss golden is not a Ponzi scheme that is legitimate business, when pyramid is involved and you need people to join before you can make profit is definitely a Ponzi.


Do not be deceived when people are investing the scheme keeps growing is no buying and selling gold and they request help and provide help what is that called Ponzi scheme the level of 1-3 is pyramid building and it said you receive gold or your money back but that has not actually happened especially in the aspect of giving actually gold Nigerians are investing billions because they think is not Ponzi so people be aware it might crash at any time and a lot of investment will go with it because they are hiding under the guise of business that is really suspicious and fishy beware.