Surebanker may be smiling to the bank


Surebanker is a Ponzi scheme where people donate money to themselves and get 100% returns of their donation in 72hours. “So they say”

Surebanker operates “With 4 Donation Plans and payments of ₦1500 (Bronze plan), ₦3000 (Silver plan), ₦12500 (Gold plan) and ₦37500 (Diamond plan), meeting any financial goal has never been this easy”.This is how it works “BRONZE PLAN (Receive ₦4,500); Sign up on Surebanker, Click to Donate ₦1,500 and a member will be matched to you. Once your donation is confirmed by the funded member, you are admitted into Bronze Plan where you will be matched with 3 members who will donate ₦1,500 each to you within 24 hours after being matched. You will receive ₦4,500 in total”. And the same goes for all the other plans.

The scheme is described as”Surebanker is helping people raise money quickly from very little, for any cause. Ready to meet your financial goal? Raising capital for your business, funding your dream or meeting any financial goal is not necessarily hard. It just takes guts and an opportunity. If you have the guts, we offer you the opportunity. Join Our Team of Voluntary Donors Today!” There is sure one of the tricks employed by the early starters to lure participants into the scheme. The domain for the site was registered just this year 2017 and there are no information on who owns and runs the scheme just to make sure they get away with their Scam’.

The authenticity of this Ponzi scheme is not guaranteed which makes it very risky for anyone to invest in it and that is the reason government and security agencies have given warnings to participants of Ponzi schemes.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.