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Money is one word that understands all the languages of the world. After the air you breath, the brightness of the day and probably water, the next thing you want to think about is money; how to make money, being that almost every other thing you desire for a living, stems from it.

Be it dollars, pounds, naira, rupees or whatever it is, as far as it is verified and generally accepted as a medium of exchange or for the payment of goods, services and debts, then it is qualified to be called money.

Our every day life needs money to stay afloat; one reason people wake up each day and set out in one activity or the other that will bring money into their pocket.

The question now arises, how do I make Money? 

Making money is essential for anyone who desires to see his life in its best state. The need to make money cannot be overemphasised; whether you want to make money from home or get a pay job, the question you should ask yourself is in what ways can I make Money?  In what ways can I be financially independent?

How to Make Money

To make money and be financially independent, you have to be intentional about it. Making money does not happen by chance, it will require you taking calculated steps towards your financial goals.

In the world all over presently, there are only two ways to make money;  the first and most common is by working, either for yourself or someone else; and if you desire to make money via this method, working for people, you may need to ask someone to employ you, send out job applications to companies and organisations to employ you based on your qualification. You can also work for yourself by setting up and running a business by yourself for yourself.

The second way to make money is by having your assets, which includes your money, work for you. This involves, putting or investing your resources into ventures that will not necessarily require you to quit what you do for a living; this is in another word, a side hustle that will ease the financial stress on your primary source of income and thereby enable you make wealth with ease.

Among the two means of making money, according to research, having your asset/money work you is a sure way of building wealth gradually and with ease; ‘cos it affords you the opportunity to be working on your own or for someone while your money/asset work for you elsewhere. This in turn speeds up your wealth  creation, as you  will then have an additional or even a  multiplied means of income; depending on how many ventures or how much you have sowed in your money to work for you.

If you keep your life savings to yourself, instead of investing it, the money doesn’t work for you and you’ll never have more than what you’ve saved, instead the rate of inflation may reduce the value overtime.

Haven seen the need to have your  money work for you, the question you should now ask is;

In What Reliable ways can I Make Money?

Your financial goal is a key determinant factor for where you should invest. However, the safety of your investment is one  primary factor you should look out for when investing.

Here are the reliable places you can invest;

Fixed Deposit/Certificate of Deposit

In this, you fix a certain amount of money with the bank, the bank trades and makes profit with it, you will not have access to the money until the end of the maturity period; say 6 months, after then the bank pays you your money and the interest as well.

Government Bonds & Treasury Bills

Treasury Bill is a short term way of lending money to the government between a short period of one year and less, while bond is same too but with a longer period of about 5 to 20 years as the case may be. You get your interest paid to you at the inception or periodically, depending on the terms, and at the end, you get your total principal.

Seed Capitals

This is one safe and easy way a lot of students, workers and the unemployed have been making their money work for them in the recent. This means of investing, offers people the opportunity to sow their financial seeds,  and in turn, reap profits daily. All you need to do is just to signup, select the package you will like to invest with, fund your account, then the system generates a wallet through which all your money comes in. The system trades for you on digital currency, and remit a profit of 1.5 to 2% to you daily based on your selected package.


Through the stock market,  you own a stake in a public company and share in their profit or loss.The determinant of whether you  earn or not in this form of investment is largely dependent on how well your company is fairing in the stock market.

Good to note is that there are almost innumerable ways to make money,  but one key thing that should be considered is the safety of your fund and the ease at which you can send your fund on errands and also get them back with ease and in an increased measure.

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