How To Be A Part of GNLD, A Top MLM Company


GNLD, Golden NeoLife Diamite is a Multi Level Marketing Company that has been in operation over 55years. This network marketing company is one of the best, they have survived several economical and market storms, yet they have remained in operation over the years.

One factor that has stood GNLD out from mediocre MLMs is the fact that they offer products that are used almost by all and in every home. Their products includes nutritional products, food supplements, home care products, provisions and personal care products. They also make it possible to transfer your distributorship to someone else.

To get started as a GNLD Distributor, you start by completing a Distributor Application with your Sponsor. Following enrolment you will receive: ·Your GNLD Distributor ID Card and Personal Identification Number – These are important for placing  orders and sponsoring other Distributors. ·Your Distributor recognition pin – Once you become a fully Qualified Distributor with 100 PPV in a month you will receive your new Distributor Pin. It is their way of welcoming you into the GNLD family – you can wear it with pride. ·Your Distributor Kit – This kit will help you get your business started right away.By maintaining an active GNLD Distributorship, you enjoy many benefits:You can purchase GNLD Products at wholesale. This is an estimate saving of 20% off the retail price. When you share GNLD Products with other people you earn retail profits.Based on your title, you receive regular communications from the company including: »“Lifestyle” magazine with “News You Can Use”” – a worldwide view of GNLD people and events combined with the most current science & product news & information that supports your GNLD Business. »“GNLD News” – incentives and great up-to-date business-building news. (Senior Managers & above) »“Team Talk” – GNLD’s e-mail newsletter.You participate in Distributor training.You have access to the exclusive “Distributor Only” section of GNLD’s website where you will find a wealth of information and support to help you grow your Business. This is where you will find great  product and sales training information. The site provides access to sales reports and team bonus  processing information from GNLD, and also includes incentive and meeting news, interviews with  successful Distributors, and personal development materials.You enjoy powerful incentives based upon your performance. It is important to note that you are expected to renew your Distributorship every 12 months, from the month you started with GNLD.

When you upgrade from distributorship to manager level or even senior manager level, several bonuses becomes accruable to you.

With GNLD Business, you do get paid when you recommend GNLD products. GNLD’s Referral Bonus is simple to understand and you begin earning Bonuses as you sponsor your first Distributors in GNLD Business.

As you and members of your group continue to develop new gnld neolife business Directors you will become a 4 Ruby Director and be recognized as a member of the President’s Team. All members of the President’s team qualify to earn network development bonuses on their entire organization.
4 Ruby Director and above earn their Network Development Bonus on their network’s organizations, through unlimited levels down to and including the next Director of the same pay status.
As a Diamond Director, you earn 0.5% bonus on all the GNLD Business Directors in the network of the first Diamond Director below you. This is regardless of the status of that Diamond Director, and continues down through all levels until another Diamond Director is reached.
These Network Development Bonuses are paid in addition to the Leadership Development Bonuses you earn.

Interested in knowing more about GNLD, you can visit GNLD website here and get to acquaint yourself with them.

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