PAIRME: Present Paying Ponzi



Have you ever wondered what drives many to invest their hard earned income in an investment  like PairMe that promises 50% per month in returns?  Is it too good to be true, especially given that history has left indelible mark of such Ponzi Schemes all over the place. Well PairMe has hit Nigeria and just in case you haven’t heard about this “social financial network”, we at Ponzi Watch Dog have gathered a few bits of information regarding them in an attempt to inform you. Pair Me has been paying for over 60 days nonstop according to an anonymous member.

According to the founders, PairMe is a community of people coming together to help one other in times of need with no conditions attached . Their aim is to willingly help one another overcome the recession and economic challenges. They are a group of believers using their spare money to help one another and doing it in honesty and kindness.

What you need to know;

You declare the willingness to provide help via your account, afterwards you will be rewarded with Jcoins which is the internal currency of the System. Your Jcoins will start yielding from the moment you pledged to bless someone at the rate of 50% per month.

Minimum help you can provide —> N5,000

Maximum help you can provide  —> N3,000,000

Your phone number will be verified during registration

Matching is done automatically by the system.

According to their website, your personal details is safe because they use a strong SSL certificate that hides your details from hackers.

You are not forced to bring people to the system before you receive your payment but you get an extra commission when you refer people and the thing is you get it till your 3rd generation.

You get 10% on direct referral (those your bring directly)
You get 5% second downline referral
You also get 3% on third downline

As earlier mentioned PairMe is currently paying, but this is not a guarantee from us to put in your money. Whether you are a newbie to Ponzi schemes, or you have invested to many times, know that the risk of falling prey to a Ponzi scheme is very real. However, these risks can be avoided when you do take caution before investing