How You Can Spot a Scam MLM Company


Thinking of joining an MLM company? Know that not all MLM companies are scam. There are hundreds of great companies out there, dozens of which we could recommend, based on your interests and affinity for their products. However there are also many MLM scams out there. Here are ways to spot if that MLM company you want to join is a scam:

If the MLM company tells you that  you can only make a profit by recruiting new members instead of selling the product then you should hold on, if they tell you that it is about finding new victims and not about product sales then it is a no no.

If the MLM company cannot explain the source of profits or give details about the technology of the products, or do not permit you to show your contract to outsiders, they are hiding the fact that their product is useless and the profits come from new recruits and not from product sales.

It’s a major red flag if the product sold by this MLM company is not sold through the regular market place. If it is such a great product, why can it not be sold through channels where every other product is sold?
Are asked to pay, instead of getting paid? MLM was supposed to make you rich, not take your money. Whenever you need to pay a membership fee, training fee, administration fee, or buy a huge inventory, it’s a red flag.

Find an MLM company with a legitimate, tangible product: There are many MLMs out there that sell top-of-the-line products in their respective industries.. Find someone in one of these MLMs that you connect with very well and that you’re confident will be there when you need them. With some time and practice, you can become very successful and wealthy in MLM.