Nigerian Government Urged To Invest On Human Capital


Pastor Ayo Adun, the Senior Pastor of Millennium Christian Ministry (MCM) in Kogi, has urged government at all levels to prioritize human capital development to solve the security challenges facing the country.

Adun said during an interview with newsmen after the church service on Sunday in Lokoja that no government could be successful without adequate investment in its people. He identified misplacement of priority as the major problem militating against the economic and social development of the country. He warned that until government began to understand that “investment in human development is what we need, the insecurity will persist.” “Most governments want to invest in infrastructure because they believed that what people see, will give them something to talk about. “So, instead of investing in human capital development, there is a higher emphasis on infrastructural development and people are not developed. “If I am developed, it helps my power to get more income, it helps my ability to be able to relate to any situation that comes around me; but the less develop I am, the more challenges I face,” he added.

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Adun said many indigenous businesses could not stand the test of time and the youths found it difficult to maintain their businesses as most local companies were collapsing. “But we see businesses in America, Europe that have been in existence for over 100 years.” He said that the survival of foreign businesses was because of the benefits of investing in human capital that reflect in the performance of their businesses. “People rent shops, and after paying their first rent they will not be able to pay the second rent because there is something they should know in order to take their businesses from one point another,” he said. He added that the problem had persisted because there was lack of human capital development, saying “we start things and they collapse because there is lack of human capital development”.

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Adun said studies had shown that investments in human capital were essential for sustaining economic growth over time and would enhance organisational growth and success. He stressed that until governments began to prioritize skills development and human capital development as key strategy for economic competitiveness and growth, things would remain precarious in the country.


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