Naira Shakers, Another Operational Scheme


Naira shakers is a recent and active scheme in operation.

They are a community funding system built on the very existence of trust, reliability, ability to perform and to always deliver.

Participants are currently shaking in their nairas and singing their praise and we hope that their voice note last for long. But while they sing, here is their mode of operation;

Make a shake between 6000 to 30000 and Get 50% and be Rewarded from 24-144hrs.. Examples
(1) Provide help of 6,000 and get 9,000 in return.
(2) Provide help of 10,000 and get 15,000 in return.
(3) Provide help of 20,000 and get 30,000 in return.
(4) Provide help of 30,000 and get 45,000 in return.

In our views, Naira Shakers unlike earlier cautioned Classic Forum system is clear, understandable and strong.
Though we still advice you look both sides of the road before you cross over to participate.