How To Maintain Good Relationship With Your Employees

How to maintain good Relationship with your Employees
How to maintain good Relationship with your Employees

It’s no longer new you are the boss, you employed them into your company and they are making a living from what they earn monthly in your organization.

The fact that you employed them does not connote that you should not have or maintain a good relationship with them. As much as they need you to make ends meet, you also need them to meet your ends.

You need to have a good relationship with your employee, do not get me wrong I’m not saying you cannot sanction, warn or query them when they do anything wrong (These are ways you can put them on their toes and bring out the best in them).

People tend to take things for granted when you are too simple, that is why you need to be firm but at the same time lenient.

Here’s how to be in good relationship with your Employee:

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1. Appreciate Them.

There are some employees whose main concern is to do the best they can to move the organisation forward. They operate as if they own the company. Let’s assume there’s someone in your firm who does his/her job diligently and instead of appreciating their effort you sanction them all the time. Little by little such person would loose the zeal to work harder.

You can appreciate your employees by taking them out for dinner, get together or invite them over for dinner in your house etc. for a job well done. This will not only make them happy, it would also give them the assurance that their job with you is secured, hence there’s need to work harder.


How to maintain good Relationship with your Employees
How to maintain good Relationship with your Employees

2. Encourage Them.

Everybody need a little encouragement. ‘Encouragement‘ here can be your words, actions or enumeration.

Encouraging them with ‘words‘ will come into play, when things are not going too well in the company, you can admonish them by giving them the assurance that things would be better in no time, and always remind them that ‘your success is their success‘ (if the company succeeds automatically they would benefit from it).

You can encourage them with your ‘actions‘ don’t be a lazy boss. When your workers see you as a hard working boss, they would also want to adopt your style. Some can even make you their mentor.

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As at when due, increase your workers salary. Yes we all know they are living on the income they make from your company. Always encourage them by giving them allowances or increase in salary when due.

3. Show Them a Little Bit of Respect.

Lastly, you need to accord respect to your employees. Respect their opinions when they offer you some no matter how off the point might be, try to reason with them and throw it out in a nice way.

Do not make them feel less human than you are, always seem their opinion when needed and work hard in hand with them.

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As an employer one thing I want you to know is, if you can do it alone you would not employ people in the first place. Employees if your boss did not give you the platform to put your skills into use, you would become redundant and would find it hard to get your daily bread.

You both need yourselves to make things work, else the organization will collapse and you will be at the loosing end.