My Liberty Family, An Active & Functional Scheme


My Liberty Family™ is a real but virtual family founded by a group of men and women to improve social well being of all family members irrespective of their race, religion, location, gender and status.

This platform operates with the ideology that each participant is a part of the liberty family. Just like in the conventional family, everyone help each other.

In this scheme, it is expedient you know that there are three (3) family trees;

1. MLF Jacob Tree™        N25000
2. MLF Isaac Tree™         N37000
3. MLF Abraham Tree™ N47000

You can choose to belong in the three structures if you wish or start with one. The three run independent of the others and you are given separate Family ID.

When you choose to become a member of My Liberty Family, you have to complete a step by step registration form after which you would be asked to fulfill an obligation to seven (7) members of the virtual family tree that the system assigns you to.

You are required to bring in 3 persons as members within your first 2 weeks in the family system. You will be entitled to receive ₦3,000 from each of them as a Jacob Family Tree member, meaning you already have received ₦9,000  and the system rewards you with ₦5,000 in addition to that. So at your first support, you would have received ₦14,000 from your ₦25,000 participation amount.

You will keep getting reward the more you bring in people into the family system and people use your family number to sign up.

Participants of this scheme are currently benefiting from it and singing their praise.

So, would you like to register with My Liberty Family? If yes, read more about them

Furthermore, just like we mentioned in JHG and LAG, BE PREPARED and be good at inviting people into a venture because that is one major way you can have a success story in a scheme of this structure.