Is Claritta Back for Good?


Claritta is one of the schemes that came in after the MMM saga in December 2016 , but just like some of the Ponzi Schemes that came and the site disappeared  sometimes ago leaving many helpless and some even losing their money. How then does Claritta works? Most people register on the website to become a member,after which 3 new members will be matched with one existing member to which they will donate N1500 to , after the money is confirmed your account will be activated.  Claritta allows you make 3 donations at the same time on which you will be matched with 4 other people who will each pay N1500 to you in a week..  Donating twice means 8 people will be paired to you so you can get N12,000 and 3 times mean 12 people will be matched to you so you can get N18,000 in a week
Even though Claritta’s website is back after its previous disappearance, no one has been able to place a finger on the initial disappearance with some people’s money hanging in the thin air. Perhaps it is because limited number of people are joining the scheme which makes it very difficult to pay existing members. It has been reported that more than 10,000 people have lost a lot of money to Claritta  as the founders of this scheme have not been identified, even though further study shows the site origin is Nigeria. It is obvious that the comeback of Claritta wasn’t to settle many who are waiting for their money to be paid but to get more members to invest in the scheme.

It isn’t news that most Ponzi Schemes this days do not wait for a year before folding up , some even coming back to deceive people further by saying they have gone to make the system better.  Most Ponzi Schemes like Claritta have left people’s pockets and bank accounts empty. We want to let you know that with deep study of the system there is a probability that they will go down like before.  So if you are a newbie to the world of Ponzi Scheme, here is a red flag from us.

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