How To Increase Your Finances Amidst Economic Recession


On the know that an economy is on the recess, the media gets a new topic to blow out of proportion. They turn a little bit of negativity into a mountain of pessimism. This in turn makes a lot of people to panic, try to curb spendings and like a snail, they recline to their shells on the hearing of ‘investment’. “this is the worst time to send your money on errand”, they say to themselves, oblivious of the fact that many are making it big time amidst the recession.

An economic recession period is one of the best time to invest. Why? You may want to ask, the answer to that is that life still goes on amidst the economic situation and hence there is LIFE, financial activities keeps going on.

One underlying characteristics you should know about every economic downturn period is that life returns to the basics, this is the base level where needs and of cos which results to spending returns primarily to the basic needs of man, which are; food, clothing and shelter. Targeting businesses and ventures that directly or indirectly fuels this 3 needs when going into investment on recession, is a good step in the right direction.

Let’s take you a step higher aside the basic needs of man, in profiting from economic recession and that is creating and delivering VALUE.

VALUE is the quality or worth  that renders something or someone desirable and wanted. The truth is that anything that has the quality of being desirable and wanted is something that solves a need! (you may need to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on my subsequent publication where I will explain more on investing on VALUE). But before that, what is creating and delivering VALUE?

Creating value is the act of coming up with a solution to one or more of human needs, it is a means of expressing your unique talents, abilities and skills in a way that can potentially benefit others. Delivering value on the other hand, means ensuring that other people are actually receiving and benefiting from the value you’ve created. It is the act of making your values marketable and profitable! An effort to increase the inflow of money without increasing the outflow of value, is an effort to get something for nothing.

Amidst any economic downturn, re/discover the values you have, invest on it by creating and delivering it to where it will be a solution to a need; and watch your account balance blossom with financial abundance.

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