How to start a Laundry Service Business



The current Nigerian population sits at roughly over 180 million people. The bulk of these individuals (about 80million) are already a major part of the national work force, and so, have lesser time during the day to carry out all their shores domestically While these could range from doing the dishes to cooking, cleaning their homes, and several others, however giving room to the discovery of a peculiar business opportunity which has become a billion dollar industry today.

Almost everyone loves the feeling of wearing neatly washed and ironed clothes. They appreciate the ambience they gain from it, but are mostly too lazy to do their laundry. The busy schedules of this sect working a 9 to 5 daily, keeps them engrossed and away from their basic tasks; like doing the laundry. On the weekends when they’re finally supposed to have enough time to do all they can, they only end up cleaning their homes and heading out to chill with friends, while just a few really take out time to wash their dirty clothes.
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The need for Skill Acquisition

Concept of the laundry service business

The laundry service business is the professional washing of cloths for people, organisation,firms etc of q certain community either using the local medium (washing with hands) or the automated way (using washing machine). This service usually come with a fixed charge fee after which the customer may pick up the clothing from the dry cleaner after a certain days have elapsed.

This large group of busy individuals in Nigeria, Africa, and every other place around the world have made the laundry service business a lucrative one to venture into, since the market is always available and vastly abundant.

Business opportunities Under laundry service

1. Dry cleaning
This being one of the most obvious domestic problems for professionals is the key revenue spinner in the laundry service business industry. Since a great number of people in every locality want to dry clean their items at their convenience, the business sector continues to flourish, make profits and get a larger market as time goes by.

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2. Ironing cloths
While dry cleaning also involves ironing the cloths after the final wash, some individuals literally bring in their rumpled clothing just to have them ironed. This creates a less stressful revenue stream for a dry cleaner since they only have to focus on just smoothening the rough item.
They can charge as low as 100 Naira per clothing ironed and if they dropped off 10, it results to 1,000 Naira. This model can cause a dry cleaner to make as much as 100,000 Naira extra monthly, from just ironing clothes for people.

3. Packaging
In every business outfit,branding your product is very important as it make your product not just unique but clean too. if you ask me, what more does a customer want than Satisfaction. It’s advisable you have a tag on your products either inside or outside the wrap.

When Can I Start A Laundry Business

The beauty of laundry business is that you can start as a small scale business owner, you don’t really need to have a washing machine to start with, you can start manually right inside your room. Get an iron, and a good ironing table. You would need a generator in an environment where power supply is bad. And when profits starts to roll in, you can then decide to expand the Business.

Benefits Of The Laundry Service Business

1). It’s affordable to use a dry cleaner.
2). Your laundry gets done quickly.
3). The service is all about convenience.
4). It’s affordable to set up.
5). Professional results get delivered.
6). Improves the personal hygiene of the customer.
7). Protects the quality of the clothes.

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Facts About The Laundry Service Business

1). The prices are based on the cost of doing business.
2). Not all stains can be removed.
3). Damage to clothing happens a lot.
4). Dry cleaned clothes last longer than hand washed clothes.
5). Clothing can shrink.


Challenges Of The Laundry Service Business

1). Clothes occasionally go missing.
2). Some clothes get burnt.
3). Poor electricity supply.
4). Lack of of highly trained staffs.
5). Short delivery times.
6). Clothes can sometimes go from dirty to bad.
7). Accessibility to clean water.
8). Building a reliable client base.
9). Absence of sunlight on Rainy Days.



The laundry service business being one of the largest small business industries with a vast customer base, has overtime proven to be a highly profitable bet for new and existing entrepreneurs. With a good location, highly skilled workers, and an exceptional customer service, you can grow a successful laundry service business in one year.