How to attract Investors



You cannot always get to the peak of your business by solely depending on your capital funding or having the suitable business partner. You need investors to help catapult your venture to the next level and become the next big thing.

Here are tips that will help attract a good investor and make your business boom;

4 Reasons you should have an Investment

1. Don’t do it alone
As it is often said “no man is an island of knowledge” you cannot know it all, there will be areas you’ll lack some intellects. That is why you need people, especilly experts. You can even decide to walk up to an investor, who is into the same business you are into for advice, you never can tell the investor might admire your approach and decide to invest in your company.

2. Testimonials
For your business to thrive you need customers, when you go into a business the thing that should be on your mind should not be the profit because as you need money to get customers, you also need customers to get money.
In this vein, when you walk up to an investor, you need to show proof that your idea is going to work. You cannot just go to an investor and demand for capital without showing some results.

The need to benchmark your company

3. Build an Angelist Profile
According to Forbes, Angelist is a great way to both learn about investors and let them learn about you. Creating a profile including specific info about your company, product and team members makes it easy for people who are interested in your space to find you.
Once you have filled everything out, share your profile with your friends and professional acquaintances and request references. When people follow your company, it will show up to others they know and hopefully trigger their interest.

4. Highlight your marketing plan
Every business owner must have a marketing plan, if there are already plans you have executed and it worked for you plus the ideas you are yet to try add it in your plan and take it along when you intend to meet an investor.

5. Specify your Strength
According to Earlytorise, write about your actual experience in this particular type of business. If you don’t have that explain how the experiences you have qualifies you to run one. Then add anything else that will convince your prospective investor that you will be successful. It could be your educational background, as well as personal achievements that can demonstrate you have intelligence, determination and desire to make the business work.

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