Get To Know About The Wealth Miners, A Top Notch MLM/Networking Company


TWM, The Wealth Miners is a top notch Multi Level Marketing Company that just got launched into operation. They are driven with the passion to create a sustainable passive income for people who register and become active members in the platform.

Passive Income, A Great Tool That Will Boost Your Income

One factor that stands The Wealth Miners out from mediocre MLMs is the fact that it is well thought out, planned, organized and built in such a way that it will survive the test of time. In their words, TWM is setup for the middle and urban class in our society who dream of an even better life with the aim of making the society better. The Wealth Miners provide you with a mine field where you can stand on and mine your way to financial abundance.

To get started as a Wealth Miner, you start by Logging on The Wealth Miners Website, Click on SignUp and fill the application form.

One Gem costs N300,000, (Three Hundred Thousand Naira) and the new member is required to buy a gem from a vendor in the market place after which the code to unlock the dashboard is sent to the new member by the vendor. There is also N5,000 (Five Thousand Naira)  administration fee, making it altogether N305,000 (Three Hundred and Five Thousand Naira) to be paid by the new member on entrance. Then you become a miner and continue to step up on higher stages as a miner.

There are 4 Stages in Wealth Miners; The Sapphire stage, The Ruby stage, The Topaz stage and The Diamond stage. Stepping into a new higher stage opens you up to a higher benefit of which you will benefit a N1.8 Million (One Million, Eight Hundred Thousand Naira) at the Diamond stage. As you introduce 2 new members and they register under you, it qualifies you for a higher stage even as new members keep registering under you.

Interested in knowing more about TWM, you can visit TWM website and get to acquaint yourself with them.

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