Get To Know More About MonthlyNaira In An Interview With The WatchDog


Last time we reviewed a scheme to you our dear readers and followers, MonthlyNaira. We know most of you are still skeptical about the scheme as every kobo means alot in this present economic situation, so we took a step further to have an interaction with one of the top participant in the scheme. We urge you to grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax as we take you alongside in this interaction.

Good day sir, I am Betty from Ponziwatchdog, may I meet you?

Okay, my name is Mr. B.M. Nnamdi, an online business consultant and Digital marketer.

Ponziwatchdog: Okay, Mr Bekee. Nice to meet you sir.

Mr Nnamdi: Thank you very much

Ponziwatchdog: Last time our team carried out a research on MonthlyNaira and found out it is a scheme that is currently improving the lives of people, giving them financial freedom. Can you tell us more about MonthlyNaira?

Mr Nnamdi: Yes, indeed MonthlyNaira have come to improve the income of people from all works of life. It was also designed to improve the monthly income of its members. It was launched successfully in Ghana in 2016, while it began operations in June 2017 in Nigeria and so far they are waxing strong.
In this period of economic downturn MonthlyNaira with the way it was designed is already putting food on a lot of table.

Ponziwatchdog: That was quite insightful!

Mr Nnamdi: Thank you

Ponziwatchdog: In this era when many online businesses are sprouting and most of the times, people are scared to embark on it being that they hardly know the pioneers and people who are part of it, can you tell us who the pioneer/initiator of MonthlyNaira is?

Mr Nnamdi: First, it’s true that a lot of people are becoming over conscious in embarking in anything online business, given their past experiences especially in this era of ponzi scheme, peer to peer communities and as such there is always skepticism when a new platform enters the system. MonthlyNaira as against popular perception is not a PONZI SCHEME. The company deals individually with all members. Monies are received solely by the company and payments are made solely by them. To quench the doubt, MonthlyNaira already had a history of success in their launch in Ghana and the positive testimonials by existing members here in Nigeria goes a long way to show that they are going no where any time soon.

Ponziwatchdog: That was an eye opener. So, who is the pioneer of the online business

Mr Nnamdi: MonthlyNaira was created and powered by A.K.T-Technologies, a professional web and ICT firm and the pioneer is Engr. Dr. A. K Temitope, he is a Webmaster, Blogger and Infopreneur.

Ponziwatchdog: Okay. That is so good to know. Does the system make use of guiders or leaders?

Mr Nnamdi: Not at all. It’s strictly an affiliate online business. Where you are paid by the company for your contributions. No Guiders or leaders.

Ponziwatchdog: Are they beneficiaries in the business with proofs?

Mr Nnamdi: Yes, a lot of beneficiaries. I am one of such beneficiaries. Monthlynaira pays. A lot of people don’t know yet. Let me show you some proofs

A MonthlyNaira participant proof of payment

Ponziwatchdog: Okay, that’s good to see. How do one become a part of this business?

Mr Nnamdi: That’s the good part. MonthlyNaira is designed in such a way that membership is affordable to all and sundry. You become a member with a one time registration fee of #6,600. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ponziwatchdog: Okay. After that you get paid N5000 monthly for how long?

Mr Nnamdi: After your registration and activation, you will be locked in position to start earning #5,000 monthly without any referral and this will go on for 12 full months. Just sit and every month alert of 5k will be coming in.
But, if one decides to earn more than 5k a month in MonthlyNaira, you earn N5,000 each time someone registers using your unique referral I.D. Under 24 hours! So the more u refer the more money you make

Ponziwatchdog: That is mindblowing! Meaning you can earn as much as you decide to earn?

Mr Nnamdi: Exactly! You can make as much as 50k daily, 100k any amount

Ponziwatchdog: What do you say to the aspiring participant reading this but is still skeptical and may want to contact a participant in the scheme before s/he will be doubly sure to go ahead?

Mr Nnamdi: They should not have a doubt about this. Monthly naira is simply paying. They can always contact me 24/7 Whatsapp or call 08068646566 I will be glad to be of assistance to them.

Ponziwatchdog: We noticed that referer ID is a compulsory section in the MonthlyNaira registration process. For an intending participant signing up and comes across the compulsory referer ID segment of the form, what should such a person do?

Mr Nnamdi: That’s the important part. Because without a referrer I.D. You cannot register, for an intending participant, enter the word official in the provided space

Ponziwatchdog: Okay. Thank you very much for your time.

To our valued readers/followers, thank you for following us in this interview. We hope you enjoyed it and learnt more about MonthlyNaira.

Feel free to participate with MonthlyNaira!

We Remain The WatchDog!